​Fruity Grapevine Chatter : Life

"It's a short time on this planet man. It's a date, and then a hyphen and then another date. We're the hyphen and I'm like, "I'm not spending the whole time talking to f#!*ing celebrities man" " » 3/03/15 7:36pm 3/03/15 7:36pm

OP/ED A DAY #62 : Kids on the Slope

So there was this amazing film that came out a few months back called Whiplash. If you haven't seen it, it's an amazing film that is just engrossing & gripping. If you have, OMG wasn't it an incredibly intense film! *cough* » 3/02/15 8:55pm 3/02/15 8:55pm

OP/ED A Day #46 : Nippon Egao Hyakkei

Man being given the day after Valentines, it's a tough one and I wasn't really sure how to go about this. We have people who might be hung over from Valentine (both emotionally and physically) and those who are still have a beaming smile on their face due to a wonderful Valentines. » 2/14/15 11:42pm 2/14/15 11:42pm

Late Night Drinks with Fruity

Picture the scene, we're both sitting on the river bank and it's just after school with the sun just starting to cast a brilliant orange over us. The wind reasonably gentle, we see the grass waver back and forth, just like my courage and will power in an attempt to write this. It's one of those moments, where we're… » 2/09/15 8:02pm 2/09/15 8:02pm

Ani-TAY Podcast Episode 10 : From Ani-TAY with Love

Hey guys! Been a while right? Well don't worry; we're back with a brand new episode of the Ani-TAY Podcast, just in time! So sit back , relax and have a good time. » 2/08/15 9:11pm 2/08/15 9:11pm

OP/ED A Day #32: Tamako Love Story

Spoilers for Tamako Market & Tamako Love Story, proceed with caution or don't proceed at all! Turn around watch Tamako Market, then Tamako Love Story and then come back. » 1/31/15 9:01pm 1/31/15 9:01pm

OP/ED of the Day #4: Yes! Yuyuyu☆Yuruyuri♪♪

So what makes a great OP/ED for me? Well there are a couple of things I look for, especially for a "baka gaijin" like myself. For starters, I love me some piano, if it's got some then I'm probably all in. Sometimes if someone's voice is like honey in my ears (Minori Chihara for example) then I'm all down to listening… » 1/04/15 12:00am 1/04/15 12:00am

OP/ED of the Day #1 : Uchōten Jinsei

Happy New Year and welcome to the first instalment of a series titled "OP/ED A Day" Where myself and my friends and colleague will attempt to bring you a, you've guessed it, an opening or ending of an anime every day (or track from an OST derived from an anime, or VN, or anime related game… criteria is basically… » 1/01/15 12:00am 1/01/15 12:00am

Fruity's Miscellaneous Anime Awards of 2014!! (huzarr!)

Another year has come full cycle and along with it a slew of everyone and their mum's best offs and top 10's [insert medium] for 2014. I'm no different of course, as evidenced by the title above, if you've read it. Here I've tasked myself with the role of assigning the awards for the things that aren't appreciated… » 12/30/14 6:00pm 12/30/14 6:00pm